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Knotwork 4

Weave Description
Knotwork 3 can be expanded to Knotwork 4 using four ring mobiuses. This works best at an AR of 6.6 and much like Knotwork 3, it can be woven in many forms. Pictured is the sheet form, but it can be two rows wide making a band, or a chain of single units. This weave can likely be woven in a five ring form or with doubled rings but the AR needed to make it work starts getting quite large.

Note: When weaving the edge rings do not connect to each other, only the mobius units. If woven on the bias though the edge rings can be connected to stabilize the edge as on the top left diagonal.

[Admin note: Knotwork 4 is essentially an alternative sheet form of Universal Square.]

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Sheet, Web, Variant, Mobius

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