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Persian Ridgeback

Weave Description
Persian Ridgeback is a Persian family weave starting with Three Quarters Persian. The unfinished side then has more rings added to it as if they were Half Persian 3 in 1. The end result is the underside has two lines of Persian facing outward with the inner edged butting together but not connected. A cross section of the weave resembles _l-l_

Persian Ridgeback uses two ring sizes of the same wire thickness. The 3/4 Persian part is in AR 5.3, no smaller nor much bigger, maybe up to 5.5 before it starts getting loose. The bottom lines are of about an AR 4.3. Some experimentation may be needed since the weave has a very narrow range of ARs that will weave without becoming sloppy.

The weave, especially when near tight, will flex in only one direction, down or away from the ridge.
Pictured is the weave from above and below.

This weave was invented Spring 2015 while experimenting with embellishments on Persian weaves.

[Admin note: Persian Ridgeback is closely related to Azidahaka except that the middle row of vertical >>> rings go the opposite direction of Azidahaka. This, combined with a difference of AR, creates a much denser weave based on a similar concept.]

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Persian, Band, Variant

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