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Moorish 8-4

Weave Description
Since Moorish Rose is based on connecting Mobius Ball units to tile a plane with hexagons, I decided to try tiling a plane with octagons (8-unit Mobius balls) and squares (4-unit Mobius balls), and it worked! I named it after the parent weave and number of sides in the polygons used, Moorish 8-4.

Rings used here are Blue Buddha 18 gauge Aluminum rings, 3/4" for the octagons and 13/64" for the squares (T18 & M18, AR of 8.0 and AR of 6.0). The AR requirements are pretty strict, I tried about 6 similar combinations of sizes and didn't get anything else that worked equally well.

The basic principal behind making this weave is to use the same intersection pattern as in Moorish Rose, but instead of 6 "hexagons" surrounding 1 "hexagon", it's 4 "octagons" surrounding 1 "square", and 4 octagons + 4 squares surrounding 1 octagon.

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Sheet, Progression, Variant, Mobius

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