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Orbital Tango

Weave Description
Orbital Tango is a weave that uses a 1-1 chain as a base, then is built outward using alternating flat rings that connect to the 1-1 chain, and orbitals that alternate sides. The sample was constructed using 19g swg 3/16" ID (AR ~4.9) BA rings from TRL and 18g swg 9/32" ID (AR ~5.9/6.2) AA from C&T and BA from TRL. I've also made a sample using 18g swg 1/4" (AR ~5.5) and 16g swg 3/8" (AR ~6.3) AA rings from TRL. That sample was a bit looser.

Something interesting about this weave: when you bend it one way it's pretty stiff; the other way is very flexible.

All samples so far have been made with 3 orbitals per "unit," though I'm sure you could use as few or as many as desired, provided you can find rings with the right AR. You can also use orbitals only on one side of the chain or create a different pattern with the orbitals as you see fit.

This weave is definitely applicable for jewelry.

[Admin Note: as per the submitter, the AR field has been changed from "4.9 | 5.9 | 6.2" to "4.9 | 6.0" to take an average of the 18 9/32 ARs; the different ARs for the 18ga 9/32 ID rings are due to differences between ring suppliers.]

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Japanese, Chain, Orbital, Scaled, Variant, Mage

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