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Dense Zen Sheet Full

Weave Description
As with all other Captive Zen-type weaves, the base is a loose Japanese 4 in 1 that is stabilized with larger rings. These larger rings are locked in place with another Japanese style connection that creates a captive connection with the base.

While similar to Captive Zen Sheet Full, this weave reduces the captive connections to 2 directions per center, and adds twice as many large locking rings. While this image only shows a zig-zag pattern to keep these locking rings in place, one can switch up this pattern and interchange between Captive Zen Sheet Full and this weave to make more patterns.

Rings used in sample:
Aluminum 0.047" wire (all)
11/64" mandrel (0.179" ID, AR of 3.81)
15/64" mandrel (0.245" ID, AR of 5.21)
1/4" mandrel (0.264" ID, AR of 5.62)

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European, Japanese, Sheet, Variant, Helm

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