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Dragon Tooth 4 in 1 Sheet
AKA: Gridlock Dragonscale

Weave Description
This is a weave I previously thought was improbable until I tried it from the bias. It stands up a little more vertical when compared to Dragonscale. It also has 2 row "channels" that are somewhat visible in the pic. It leans to one side slightly because of the layering effect seen on the edge. It's essential that this weave be build from the bias Dragon Tail. Similar to Gridlock, the smaller rings alternate top and bottom. But, like Dragonscale, the smaller rings are not connected to each other. Also see Vertical Dragon for similarities. Stainless steel 16swg 1/4" and 25/64". This is close to minimum. This weave requires slightly larger AR compared to Dragonscale.

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European, Sheet, Scaled, Variant, Helm

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