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Endo Sheet

Weave Description
Endo Sheet is the sheet form of Endo, where every unit is constructed 180 degrees opposite the one prior to it. It is directly related to Velo and Velo Sheet, and it is still closely related to Hour Glass Unit. It may also share some characteristics with Power Line.

As with Velo, the weave can be made successfully in 1 AR, but can be easier to weave if using 2 ARs.

The weave sample shown was constructed from 18g SWG (1.2mm) 5/16" (8.23mm) copper from TRL, AR 6.8, but the weave itself can be constructed using rings down to an AR of around 5.2 (i.e., 16g SWG (1.6mm) 5/16" (8.18mm)). The weave sample is pretty floppy, so a smaller AR is suggested.

Again like Velo, I've been able to construct Endo in many combinations of 2 ARs: all SWG: 18g 1/4 and 18g 3/16, where the vertical rings were the 3/16 rings; 16g 5/16 and 16g 1/4, where the vertical rings were the 5/16 rings; 18g 5/16 and 18g 1/4, etc.

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European, Japanese, Sheet, Orbital, Variant

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