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Byzantine (Byz)
AKA: Etruscan, Birdcage, Fool's Dilemma, Idiot's Trap, Idiot's Delight, Bird's Nest

Weave Description
The Byzantine chain weave is made up of single units of Box Chain 4 in 1 separated by connector rings which reverse the direction of each subsequent Box cell. The most common configuration of the weave has these connector rings doubled, although this can be modified. This weave is very simple and recommended for beginner maillers. It is quite a versatile chain and a considerable number of modifications, variants, and sheet and dimensional expansions are possible.

Stainless steel rings:
.063” (1.6mm) wire diameter
1/4” (6.35mm) mandrel
.274” (6.96mm) inner diameter
AR of 4.3

This ring size with 2 connector rings per cell makes for a loose chain. When pulled tight from a relaxed state, some of the rings in the Box cells don't shift back to their proper position, although they can be manually placed. A more ideal AR is found under 4.0. The weave starts to become uncomfortably tight in the 3.3 - 3.4 range.

Recommended ARs per number of connector rings between each Box cell:
1: AR of 3.2
2: AR of 3.5
3: AR of 4.3
4: AR of 4.9

Progression is possible by adding a set of rings to each Box cell that also forces a gap between the connector rings. The result is Trizantine. Additional layers are found in Quaterzantine, then Quintazantine.

Byzantine triplicates as Turkish Round and is further Quaded as Celtic Roundmaille.

10-ring Byzantine segments can be separated by larger, horizontal connector rings. If either of 3, 4, or 6 Byzantine connections are made on each large ring set, Byzantine Web, Byzantine Web Square, or Byzantine Web Triangle is the result. The square web can also be expanded dimensionally into Byzantine Web Square Cube. A Byzantine Dodecahedron results when 5 connections are made on each large ring set.

As with many cell-structured chain weaves with cagelike elements, Byzantine can be either captivated (Captive Byzantine), or reinforced (Half Byzantine Barrel/other versions). Standard orbiting can also be performed using either Orbital, or Orbit rings types.

Byzantine chains can be repeated into sheet weaves such as:

Certain sheets stack into dimensionally expanding:

Several modifications/variations of Byzantine exist, some of which include:

Units containing Byzantine segments include:

Please keep in mind that some of the items listed are generally considered to not be weaves. Many of them were added to the library when approval standards were considerably more lenient.

[Topic of 2019, 1st weave study.]

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European, Chain, Alpha, Beginner

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