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Hilt Thunder Wyrm

Weave Description
Just as Fire Wyrm, and Wind Wyrm insert quasi-captive rings through sets of rings in each cell of Full Persian 6 in 1, Hilt Thunder Wyrm (HTW) does the same with the triplicate Hilt Chain weave. The center rings require a larger overall diameter, with the sample shown using those of a 1.7 difference.

The weave is 6 rows of rings around, allowing for 12 potential connection points. This is the fully symmetrical version of Hilt Fire Wyrm (HFW). Where HFW has rings passing through 2, around 4 (x2), HTW has the rings pass through 2, around 2 (X3). If the center rings alternate which Hilt Chain rings are passed through with each cell, the result is Hilt Lightning Wyrm (HLW). Also related to Hilt Wind Wyrm (HWW).

The sample uses .048" (18SWG / 1.2mm) stainless steel, 11/32" (8.73mm) mandrel, (.397" ID, AR of 8.3 (Hilt Chain), and 13/32" (10.3mm), (.474" ID, AR of 9.9) (center rings). This makes for a tight weave.

A similarly tight version with 1 quasi-captive per cell is achieved with this weave's approximate minimum combination of 7.9, and 9.4.

[Was named Hilt Fire Wyrm from Sept. 2013 - Jan. 2016, but renamed to accommodate the real Hilt Fire Wyrm.]

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Persian, Chain, Variant

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