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Quint Bore Worm

Weave Description
A natural progression of Bore Worm, and Quad Bore Worm, making a five-sided chain weave. Thicker than its predecessors, Quint Bore Worm requires larger rings as well.

Any number of quasi-captive rings can be used in each cell, with the sample pictured containing two. A larger ring is required for the central, quasi-captive rings.

Both rings are made from .063" (~16 SWG / 1.6mm) stainless steel wire.
mandrel: 13/32" (10.3mm) | ID: .455" (AR of 7.2)
mandrel: 1/2" (12.7mm) | ID: .557" (AR of 8.8)

This ring size combination with this number of captives offers a little bit of flexibility.

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European, Chain, Inverted, Progression, Variant

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