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Staggered Quad Reinforced Inverted Round Sheet

Weave Description
A weave that continues Quad Reinforced Inverted Round into a sheet weave, much as Staggered Quad Captive Inverted Round Sheet does with Quad Captive Inverted Round. A unique, staggered, opposing grain is seen in the QRIR chains as they lie side by side. This weave is stronger than SQCIRS because the quasi-cage rings are tucked in and thus receive less strain.

Three ring sizes are ideally used to produce this thick, dense, and structurally stout weave. A large ring is required for the quasi-captive rings, a smaller one for the quasi-cage rings, and a smaller one still for the connector rings. There are potentially different ways of connecting the individual QRIR chains together, with the sample displayed utilizing one of the simplest.

As with any Captive Inverted Round, Bore Worm, and Reinforced Inverted Round-based weaves and expansions (or any captive weave, for that matter), any number of 'captive' rings can be used per cell. This particular sample uses three.

All three ring sizes in this sample are made out of .063" (1.6mm / 16 SWG) stainless steel wire.
cage rings: 13/32" (10.3mm) mandrel, .455" ID, AR of 7.2
captive rings: 1/2" (12.7mm) mandrel, .557" ID, AR of 8.8
connector rings: 21/64" (8.33mm) mandrel, .364" ID, AR of 5.8

The sample picture displays the weave from two angles to provide a better perspective of its composition. This sample is a little bit flexible in both directions.

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European, Sheet, Inverted, Progression, Variant

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