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Parallel Elf Berus

Weave Description
This weave was created when playing with Elven Rope (Dark Elf) variants - this time with a 2in1 chain and not (as typical) stacked rings as connector rows, what turns this into a Berused weave. As a typical Elfweave or Elven Rope variant would have mirrored basis chains before connecting, it was attempted first; but while being stable, it didn't behave too well. So the paralleled variant was checked out and is shown here, as it holds all its rings in stable orientation and position.
The photo shows the weave in on-top and side view; used rings are BA 1.6mm (16swg/14awg) coiled on 5/16" mandrel (AR of 5.2). This is also near the lowest weaveable AR.

[Topic of 2nd Quarter 2018 weave study]

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European, Chain, Berus, Variant, Mobius

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