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Weave Description
Similar to Lorenz's Forget-Me-Not, Ravensara, Not Tao Linear and Bethmoora, I came up with this weave a few days after trying Bethmoora, but I wasn't trying to reproduce it.
The weave use two different sizes of rings, but very close in both ring diameter and wire diameter.
The ring in the middle can be remove if you like, but the bigger rings might be tempted to open a bit (it doesn't affect the result much, but could get annoying).
The strand is very flexible and makes for a great bracelet, but I doubt the result of a necklace made with it, as it would try to turn.
In the picture, the rings are: 8mm(OD)/6mm(ID) and 7mm(OD)/5mm(ID); wire thickness used was 1mm.

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European, Japanese, Band, Variant, Helm

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