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Fourever Chain

Weave Description
This weave has been seen before in kinged variants as 'Forget-Me-Knot Chain' and other names, but I couldn't identify its first publisher.

Its basic structure consists of tightly woven 4-ring Mobius Balls, that are connected in a 2 in 1 Chain manner to a chain. And it holds its delicate structure only, if woven near the low AR limit, that is at 2.6 for the single-ring variants, and at 4.1 for the kinged ones - else a chain similar to a modified 4-ring Flower chain results. High-AR limits are not yet fully explored, but I propose not going above 2.9 (respectively 4.5 for the kinged version). And naturally there are further design options by using different ARs for Mobis and connectors.

Shown are from top to bottom: single-ring version with equally twisted Moebius flowers, in top and side view, at the center with somewhat less attractive looking alternating twist direction flowers, and on bottom the kinged version in equal and alternating variant. While the alternating ones cancel out all possible twist tendencies, even the 'straight' ones tend to twist only slightly, with around one turn every 20 to 30 cells, depending on used AR.

Stats: 1.6mm (16swg) coiled on 5/32" mandrel, with a final AR of 2.6, and 1.6mm coiled on 1/4" mandrel (AR of 4.2).

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Chain, Variant, Mobius

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