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Onering is basically a modification/variant of weave Jens Pind Linkage. But while it is useable for design purposes, it can serve also the purpose of providing an easy way to produce X- and Y-crossings for JPL based projects (e.g. a JPL Web). AND it serves as basis for further weaves like Maybe, Mayday, Mayfair, and others that were impossible based on a simple JPL.

The construction of Onering starts with a JPL chain, made from rings in the lower half of JPL AR range - I propose to use rings in the 2.7 to 2.9 range. These rings serve also as the small ones in the Onering chain. As large rings principally any higher AR can be used.The weaving succession is two large, one small, two large, one small, and so on; the ring layering schematics is identical to the basis JPL chain.

The sample chains in the submission image use 1.6mm (16SWG) BA wire, coiled on an 11/64"; mandrel, with a final AR of 2.85 for the basis chain and as small rings. The tighter sample on top uses 1.6*6.0mm rings (AR of 4.0) for the large rings, while the central chain uses 1.6*10.0mm rings (final AR of 6.9). The bottom chain shows a continuous progression of the large rings from an AR of 3.0 to an AR of 6.9.

[Edit: this is a transitional structural change between JPL and the May weaves.]

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Persian, Chain, Spiral, Modification, Mobius

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