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This is a counterpart to One and a Half Persian aka 'Apollo', and weaves of the Mars family. And it's also a close, non-kinged relative to One Hour Less Sleep Forwards and Backwards. In contrast to Apollo, where alternating four-ring and two-ring 'half-cells' are woven, here always three-ring semicells, that alternate in orientation are the basis of the weave.

Stats: Rings for sample on top (and center, rotated 45 degreed 'on-edge') are BA 1.6mm coiled on 8.0mm mandrel, with a final AR of 5.35. The bottom sample is woven from AR 5.0 rings (what is also the low AR limit) on left half, and 6.0 at the right side. Optimum AR for jewellery use is imho in the 5.2 to 5.6 region.

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European, Persian, Chain, Variant

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