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Locked Helmantine

Weave Description
When experimenting with basic combo weaves I stumbled upon Helmantine, that is basically a Byzantine chain made from a ring combination useable for Helm Chain - the Byzantine/Box 'cages' using the larger rings, the connectors using the smaller ones; this is added by a basically nonstructural larger ring orbiting the connector ring(s) in Helm style, and held neatly in orientation by being sandwiched between the adjoining cage rings.

What was a weaving error first (I had locked down one of the cage 'wings' by accident with the orbiting Helm ring) proved as being advantageous, as this inhibits the sometimes nasty behaviour of flopping wings exhibited by higher-AR Byzantine chains. So I made this locking systematically throughout a new chain, and gave the formerly nonstructural large Helm ring a purpose - Locked Helmantine was born.

Stats: The depicted weave sample was made with 1.6*9.0mm (final ID 9.65mm) BA rings with an AR of 6.0, and 1.6*6.0mm (final 6.25) at an AR of 3.9; another sample used AR of 3.4 combined with AR of 5.6 - principally every ring combination useable for Helm or Dragonscale should work.

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European, Chain, Variant, Helm

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