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Persian Sheet weaves allow many modifications. Starting with GSG, that is basically a two-ring wide Half Persian 3 Sheet 6 in 1 woven 'sideways', I alternated the weaving succession of the rings. While standard GSG is woven in 'Left-Right, Left-Right, ..' (LRLR..) order for subsequent ring rows, AGSG alternates in 'LRRL..' order. My name choice is the shortened form of 'Alternating GSG'. For comparison the image shows some rows GSG at the left edge, continued with AGSG for the remainder of the chain.

Stats: Rings for shown sample are BA 1.6*8.0mm, final AR of 5.35, what proved as being very attractive and well-behaving for a jewellery chain weave; low AR limit (stiff but weavable) is at an AR of 4.8; there is no principal upper AR limit.

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Persian, Chain, Modification

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