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Visibly similar to X-weave / Spring Chain / Forars Kaede, this weave is also a descendant of Full Persian 6 in 1. It is closely related to Minoan and Mycenaean, where the twists mirror each other each segment instead of going the same direction, making it look significantly different.

It is formed in a similar manner to FP6, but instead of layering each ring next to the previous in the same grain, each is twisted so it connects to the previous ring in the grain, with the twist alternating each segment. This turns each of the 4 grains in FP6 into a 2-1 chain instead of just laying next to each other, giving rise to what looks like two Forars Kaede chains inside each other and a true # cross section. The interactions make this a 10 in 1 weave.

This example uses 0.274" ID, 0.047" WD (3/64" [18g] 1/4" after springback) 5356 Al, with an AR of 5.85. This AR is essentially the minimum usable, as the chain is very stiff.

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Persian, Chain, Variant

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