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Weave Description
Demeter is a true sheet variant of the Persephone chain.
In a single persephone unit the protruding rings on the left & right (as shown on the image) are shared with another Persephone unit, thereby elongating the chain. This sheet version also uses the protruding rings on the top and bottom to create a true sheet.
In this picture the 4 protruding rings, as well as the orbiting ring (described in the Persephone tutorial) are colored blue, while the 4 rings of the byzantine-like unit are colored silver.

The AR of 4.4, as Legba explained in the tutorial, might be too small for the sheet version. In this case I used an AR of 5.7, though I haven't tried out a smaller one yet. A smaller AR will propably lead to a more firm and better weave.

In the Greek mythology Demeter (goddess of agriculture) is the mother of Persephone (queen of the underworld). [Edited for relevancy and conciseness.]

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European, Sheet, Variant, Rhino

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