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Persian Wyvernscale

Weave Description
Related to Persian Dragonscale, two Half Persian 3 in 1 chains with European 4 in 1 connections, with the chains/connections being :
<=> bottom-bottom opposite handedness is Persian Dragonscale.
<==> bottom-bottom same handedness is Persian Wyvernscale.

A nice, flexible weave that prefers to lie flat. Like Persian Dragonscale, this weave has the same profile on the top and bottom, but unlike Persian Dragonscale, the edges are identical, both being the same handedness HP3in1. Obviously, depending on whether you use right- or left-handed chains as your base, you can end up with a right- or left-handed version of this new weave.

Persian Wyvernscale in .035 5/32ID stainless and .032 1/8ID bronze

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European, Persian, Band, Variant

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