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Persian Abomination #1
AKA: Persian Dragon-Wyvern Abomination

Weave Description
I don't even know how best to describe this. I was trying to build Persian Wyvern Leftovers, and accidentally connected the wrong edges of two opposite-handedness Half Persian 3 in 1 chains, like... well... this :

The "top" of one HP chain nestles into the side of the other, and I connected the top-top connection with a single row of European 4 in 1 and the bottom-top connection with a double row. I ended up with a weird asymmetrical chain with a distinct ridge on one side. After playing with it, despite its lack of symmetry, I decided I liked it. It just has a nice feel to it. This is what happens when too much Persian Dragonscale chain and Persian Wyvernscale end up tangled in my pocket, I guess.
I have to imagine there are several distinct variations of this last one, since depending on the handedness of the two chains, and which top connects to which side. I'm fairly sure we can pull off a similar side-to-bottom connection using the same strategy,
Persian Abomination is done in .035 5/32ID and .032 1/8ID bronze.

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European, Persian, Band, Variant

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