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B2g Pillar

Weave Description
While a “true” horizontal expansion sheet of B2g might be impossible, a vertical column can be made by piling the B2g units on top of each other. This creates a very thick and stable chain. To make this possible the sizes of the rings of the B2g unit have to be changed. Instead of using only 1 big (AR = 8,3) and many small rings (AR = 5,0), some of the small rings must be increased.
It’s also recommended to use a big ring with a bigger diameter. Even though a smaller sized ring makes the B2g unit more stable this size makes creating the B2g column almost impossible.

In this example I’ve used the following rings for each B2g unit:
- 1 big silver ring: 1,6 x 10,0 mm (AR = 6,3)
- 16 small silver rings: 1,2 x 5,9 mm (AR = 4,9)
- 4 brass rings: 1,2 x 6,7 mm (AR = 5,6) to replace some of the small silver rings, as mentioned before.

These might be the ideal & also the minimum sizes, though more experimenting might be a good idea. Any smaller and it's too tight, and I have not yet tried a larger AR.

Application: Unknown; possibly sculptural

Creating the B2g pillar is time consuming, requires a lot of patience and a firm hand, but the result is astonishing![Edited for conciseness]

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European, Chain, Variant

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