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Half Persian 6 in 1 Unbalanced (4:2)

Weave Description
This is a variant of Half Persian 6 in 1.
A simple mis-step created by thinking Half Persian 4 in 1 when in reality attempting to weave HP6.

Instead of passing 'up' through three rings, and 'down' through the next three, (as in true Half Persian 6 in 1,) the rings in this weave pass 'up' through four, and 'down' through two.

Discussion during creation in this forum thread.

Rings used:
20g (AWG) on a 1/4" mandrel... Springy as hell in that size.
Post-springback AR of 9.25

[same weave as Half Persian 6 in 1 Helix - ed.]

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Persian, Chain, Unbalanced, Variant

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Half Persian 6 in 1 Unbalanced (4:2)

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