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Candy Cane Cord
AKA: Spirally Goodness

Weave Description
Candy Cane Cord by cjwj (a.k.a: CCC, Alternating Candy Cane Cord, or (A)CCC) partly because it's got that “Joyfull, Christmassy, jolly, get together” feeling all over it, which I find is very appropriate (considering how many people have participated with pictures, variations, finding technical details, etc), and because it is nicely abbreviatable.

Category so simple, I overlooked it. This 6 in 1 weave came forward after some experimentation with Byzantine, and can also be started using Box Chain 4 in 1. Variants exist with Full Persian 6 in 1 segments, using this method as an in-between connector to reverse the grain in an elegant way. A similar effect is seen on box chain and byzantine. A spiral effect is accomplished by weaving a segment as usual, and then weaving a segment of box chain. By combining these two aspects in different ways / amounts a plethora of variants can be made. This weave is primarily a chain/rope type weave, but variants from roundweave starters and quadweave starters unround into a very ugly sheet.

Lorraine, Legba3, MaxumX, and Xzorby all greatly helped with the understanding of this weave's uses, structure, and further weave possibilities.[Edited for conciseness, relevancy, and confusing content.]

Weave stats:
Min AR: 4.1 for this weave
Ideal AR: 4.7 for this weave

Piece stats:
Round Titanium 1.2 mm WD @ 6.1 mm ID

Forum thread

[see also: Candy Cane Cord Spiral, Candy Cane Cord Alternating]

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European, Chain, Variant

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Candy Cane Cord

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