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Glossary: O

The tendency of a pair of cutters to mar the next ring on a coil after cutting through a number of rings on the coil.

Outer Diameter. Refers to the size of a ring. You can convert this to Inner Diameter with the forumla: ID = OD - (2 x WD)

A ring which is connected around either the space where two or more other rings connect or around one or more entire rings, while never passing through the inner plane of any ring.

A compound of oxygen with another element.

The chemical addition of oxygen to a compound. Typically, atmospheric exposure will create surface oxidations. Effects increase as temperature increases.

Acronym for "One Open, One Closed". This describes a technique for making a weave wherein a preclosed ring is linked to an open ring before it is woven into the existing weave. Some evidence exists that this can accelerate weaving for certain weaves, European 4-1 being one of them.

Acronym for "One Ring At A Time". This describes a technique for making a weave wherein each ring is added alone to the existing weave, without any pre-linking with other closed or open rings or other weave segments.