I think I've made a mistake...
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I think I've made a mistake...
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Posted on Fri Jul 27, 2007 4:16 am
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I've been mailleing (Sp?) for a couple of months and so far I've completed a dice bag and a lighter cover. Today, I decided to start a coif. Not giving a lot of thought to gauge or ring size, I set to work. Now, some 2 hours and 300 17GA, 3/16 ID aluminum rings later, I have completed one triangle. By the time I'm done I will probably be a raving, claw-handed lunatic.


On a more informative note, I've found that audio plays and old radio shows and the like compliment mailleing perfectly. They're entertaining and, unlike television, completely 'eyes free'. For those of you who haven't discovered this check out www.archive.org for absolutely free downloads.

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Posted on Fri Jul 27, 2007 5:24 am
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Don't worry about it; with links that small it will take a while to get done. But the time and trouble will be worth it -- the mail will have a nice fine texture.

Take it one triangle at a time and give your hands time to rest; the second triangle will go faster than the first one. Make sure your linkrows lie the same in your second triangle as in your first, or they will not go together with a 45 degree join but the second triangle will have to be rejiggered or perhaps flipped over. The easiest way to ensure this is for your base linkrow to have its links lying the same way the base links of the first triangle you did, and build up from the base to the apex. The apex links must also have the same linklie, in order that the two links of the linkrow below them will lie as do the corresponding links in the first triangle, and so forth.

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Posted on Fri Jul 27, 2007 6:19 am
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My first small maille (still to big to call micro) project almost had me giving up, but it's worth the effort, there is something special about fine maille, as opposed to using (comparatively) huge rings.

Stick with it, peoples reactions to it will make the effort worthwhile.

Good luck!

(Also I tend to try to do two projects at the same time, one with largish rings and one with small rings, the large lets you rest your head while the small lets you rest your hands)

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Posted on Fri Jul 27, 2007 6:54 am
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I love micro maille (insanity maille as it's sometimes called)!

Don't forget to post pics for us to see.

As for music to maille to, there has been a thread where everyone posted their fav music for mailling. Maybe you should start a new one!

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