Hardening Argentium Sterling
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Hardening Argentium Sterling
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Posted on Fri Dec 08, 2006 9:57 pm
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Hardening Argentium Sterling--
this is a bit more detailed post than my reply on a different subject--
I make and try to sell chain jewelry--not doing too bad--been doing this for about 9 years now--1998 to2003, being basically homeless, but I had a 1968, 18 foot Winnabago---traveling the western states, selling to small, mom and pop metaphysical and new age shops, following the weather. My wife used to say we had the greatest job in the world---our office was the forrest(and occasionally wally's p-lot), and you get hugs at the end of a sale---meeting good people and seeing cool places----my wife passed in 04, and I've been stuck in Klamath Falls or. since--but I'm getting back into the craft---ok, enough

I'm going to try and do an article about my process, or post info in an appropriate forum so folks could respond, but here's a quickie==

tumble finished piece 4hrs., vib. tumbler, ss shot---

90 min. 580 degree F oven ( on pyrex or hanging )--

pickle ( sodium bi-sulfate )--

tumble 2hrs for that nice shine--

precipitation heat 30min. @ 250 degrees gets the germanium jumpstarted and drawn to the surface for optimal tarnish resistance--light buff with a good cloth like Goddards--

AS hardens much better than standard sterling---ping the finished chain with another piece of hardened steel, and you will feel/hear the difference

best to start this process with fully annealed/dead soft wire====careful with the pickle--it's hot===vibratory tumbler is a must, stainless mixed shape shot.

A great source for info is Cynthia Eids article for Rio Grande that goes into detail on working with Argentium, although mainly casting and sculpture which I don't even get into.

I invite any correspondance---charlie@charlieschaincraft.com

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Posted on Tue Dec 12, 2006 1:46 am
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Have you just worked in jewlery....or have you made any armour as well? I live just up here in Kelso and would love to come down and talk shop with you face to face. Hope your buisness keeps growing....

"Man is an ore, it is the fire of life and the flux of his spirit that smelts him into what he becomes."

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