A word (or two) in Spanish
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A word (or two) in Spanish
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Posted on Tue Jul 04, 2006 4:40 am
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We've got a fairly large spanish speaking popiulation here and while it's going to take a while to get conversational in it I'd like to at least make up signs in SPanish and there's a few words I can't find in the standard dictionalries. If anyone knows some of these I'd really appreciate it.

TIA (Thanks in advance)

Chain Maille Armor
Sterling Silver
Appointment (as in set up appontment time to meet)
14K Gold Filled
Handcrafted Art for Wearing

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Posted on Wed Jul 12, 2006 3:42 pm
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While my Spanish is rather imperfect, I'll do my best to help.

Sterling Silver = "plata esterlina"
Chain Armor = "armadura de cadena"
Appointment time = "tiempo de la cita"
Studio = "estudio"
Handmade art to wear = "arte hecho a mano, para usar"

I've never seen "gold-filled" written in Spanish. My best guess is "oro-llenado."

Of course, it never hurts to ask one of your customers. Most people are happy to teach their language to a sincere learner. Best of luck with your business!

Bai shan, bai sheng.

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