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Posted on Tue Dec 20, 2005 5:54 am
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HerrBGone wrote:
I'd like to see more variety in the gallery examples. Six pix chosen from a variety of areas. We have it a bit heavy on the sculpture side right now with no armor at all. I?d also like to see the stretching article returned to the article?s section. We had it in there then it went away during a rewrite some time ago. With that I think we b done as far as I can see. What else do we need?

To quote and edit from 2 pages back...

The new to-do list:

1) Find good picture of chainmaille shirt, replace E4-1 pic at the top. (In my opinion).

**DONE** (thank you Phong, +1 to awesomeness)

2) Add/Change some content. Include pics of some of the following: David Austin's castle, Kim's house, Lorenzo's scale or trinity vest, a few necklaces/bracelets/pouches, one of Armoured Raven's halters, one of Maillemaster's or Blackfire's micro wraps, whoever it was that made that titanium full-inlayed dragon hauberk. OR... One of each of the following: armor, jewelry, sculpture (encompasses most of the various ?art? categories) and inlays, +2 other categories.

**UNDONE**. I'm really not that familiar with the "famous" chainmaille masterpieces. Herr, or Phong, could either of you step up for this?

3) Change wording to remove 1st person refferences. "The Gallery is also a fun place to explore. I am amazed at what people have created every time I peek inside. [line] Here are a couple of my favorites." needs to become "The Gallery is also a fun place to explore, containing many inspiring images. [line] Here are a few masterpieces by MAIL members:"

**DONE** (thank you Phong, +1 again)

4) Fix the fonts and other minor problems mentioned on page 7 of this thread. This may include doing some CSS work. (Not essential, is ugly hack and a bad thing to do, but if something doesn't make the cut, this should be it in my opinion, it's not visible, it's just a headache later).

**DONE** (thank you, you guessed it, Phong. ++)

5) Decide on a place to put this page. I say it should either replace the "about us" page linked on the current header, or just be big and bold on the front page somewhere. "First time to this website? Click here."

**UNDONE** Kim's in favor of an HTML popup, where the newbie page isn't even hosted on MAIL. I am in favor of having the coder admins code it as an MAIL. I don't think they're watching this thread, I'll get around to asking them, soonish.

6) The header will have to be trimmed until later. (There's my vote, trim the header, replace with the old one, should just be a copy and paste, no idea if we'll need the CSS file that comes with the new header, or if we hardcoded the page enough that it'll look find).

**UNDONE** Kim doesn't think this should be on the list. He's okay launching it as-is with the new header. That is a possibility. Using the old one is another possibility, which is my prefference (along with a loud annoucement on the front page). Plainly launching the new header across the site is a third possibility.

7) At some point, someone like Blaise is going to have to take the finished product html and recode it into a cgi script like the rest of the site.

**UNDONE** Requires coder admin.


Okay, so, we're almost 100% finished.

I've re-read almost all of the original "What would --You-- do for MAIL?" thread that spawned off of several other attempts years earlier, that started the Header Redesign thread, which I also just re-read, as well as the vote for the header thread.

In the header redesign discussions, there was talk about some things that got sacreficed in the new header that were supposed to appear in the Getting Started/Newbie page. Some of those we never talked about. Things like the group projects, teaching groups, gatherings, etc. I'm actually cool with just whiping them off the map entirely. I like the newbie page's content the way it is.

The Header has been *almost* ready to launch for over a year and a half now. Passed vote and all that official stuffs. It might need tweaking, it does need some submenuing work.

But, otherwise, it waits on coder admins.

The problem with launching the header and the newbie page, is that the two of those kinda go hand-in-hand with the new front page that's planned for MAIL.

1) Header = Practically Done. Like, 15 seconds of modification work. It's otherwise a closed project.
2) Newbie Page = Practically Done. Few more minutes of work.
3) MAIL Front Page = Concepted only.

I'm happy getting the new images inserted into the Newbie page, then calling it a closed project too. Whether we launch it or not, right away, I don't much care. That it's taken almost a year doesn't bother me, the header's been *sitting* completed for a year and a half. The site has run "fine" without either for 5 years, it's more an issue to me of getting it done right. *BIG* changes happen when all 3 of those projects are launched. Not so much when 1 or 2.

I think Admins would be more receptive to change if they had all 3 to work on at the same time, 'cause they fit together, and they'll see it as a project with big results, not just another time sink into MAIL's black hole.

I don't agree with hosting MAIL content off-site just to get it launched sooner. And, I'm not intimidated by the non-lauching of the header after all this time. The newbie page is much simpler than the header and requires much less work.

If we want to launch the newbie page right away, I think the best way would be to submit the page as an Article. Then, Kim or whoever should make an announcement on the front page for it and link to it.

We *cannot* edit a link or change a page on the actual site without a coder making that change. So, if they're going to make any change, it should just be the one we want. If we're going to choose a non-coder way of launching this, we need to choose something that: A) Keeps all MAIL content on the MAIL server, and B) Uses an existing method of uploading. So, my vote goes with the above solution.

However, we should then rip the header code out of it. (So it has no header, this is a very very easy thing to do. We don't even need to swap header code, as an article, it will incorporate the old header). All major sections will still be outlined, and Bonus.. it'll teach them how to use the *existing* header, not some future one.

The only problem with doing it as an article (I'm not actually sure, I've never submitted anything) is that we can't submit the CSS, right? So we'd need to backup to pure HTML formatting. Which, isn't that tough. Phong, all efforts appreciated, can you give us a time estimate to creating a temp-copy that turns the Newbie page into a normal MAIL article that we'd submit, and your attitude towards doing so? We'd still need the awesome CSS one for later. If you're not up for it, and it's not too gross an amount of time, I'll do it. (Also, don't just go do it, this is just a suggest of mine, see how it's recieved first).

Then, whatever we do, we can close this project and get to work on the next one.

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Posted on Tue Dec 20, 2005 8:15 am
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Redoing the page with formatting in the html wouldn't be all that hard.
Tables can be used for positioning, and the rest of the appearance stuff can be specified as needed. The links would be tricky, but MAIL might auto format those, so that shouldn't matter.


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Posted on Fri Jan 13, 2006 5:22 pm
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i moved this thread here so it's possible to find it.. i have trouble getting accurate searches involving threads, even when i search for the title of the thread.

so, ideas and comments and whatever can be jotted down here.


PSA: remember to stretch.
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