submission attribution funkiness
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submission attribution funkiness
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Posted on Fri Apr 30, 2004 4:44 am
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hey i don't know what just happened, but some files got attributed to me while doing weave stuff.. and hopefully i can remember who submitted the one yesterday.. the funkiness may have happened while editing the file to move it to a different area, and the cookie expired and i had to reenter my username and password to log back into the site..

dont know what caused this, but maybe it's possible to repoint the subs at the submitters..

byzantine web square cube (key 3413) - image is david austins' (key 75).. idea is dweezle's (key 37).. who gets it? i think david austin had it before.

spiral wrap (key 1006) - coyote (key 225)

flowered emporers maille ( key6316) - eri nightwind(key 2330)
this is the one i don't know about.. i'll PM them to see if that's the one.. i do so forget,, there were 2 weaves that i disapproved, is it possible to see those logs somewhere? if i was able to look at6 those logs i'd know if this belonged to eri or not.

PSA: remember to stretch.
3.o is fixing everything.

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