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Posted on Fri Mar 16, 2007 12:34 pm
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Has anybody ever used the 220 aluminium electrical wire. There are two cables consisting of about 50 alum. strands of wire covered by thick black insulation. The stuff is really weak, and being that the two cables have been compressed the individual strands look really misshapen instead of round. So I took one end of a wire put it in the vise, and put the other end in to the chuck on my drill and twisted it. It strengthened the wire considerably, but the stuff still turns your skin grey.

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Posted on Mon Apr 16, 2007 12:51 am
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i have used that aluminum. that square-ness of the strands give a very interesting look to it but it is very soft so make small rings. as for copper, thats what got me started making maille, a 70 lb roll of insulated copper cable. it has 19 strands and is a very beatiful thing. i figure that i have about 300 feet left after using about 50 already. it does take time to strip but if you can find some electricons from a good sized construction company to sell you the wire as scrap you can get it for much less than even cable costs(a high price for scrap copper with insulation is about 1.60 USD compared to about 9-12 USD at home depot or 8.65 at TRL sure it takes time to strip, coil, and cut; but you can make any size ring you want. and have money left over for toose important things... like 15 lb of Ti Very Happy

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