Guidelines for Admin discussion
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Guidelines for Admin discussion
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Posted on Sat Jan 10, 2004 6:25 pm
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The Admin discussion forum is a very special place since only administrators can post here, but ALL can read it.

Because of these unique constraints, we must ask that posts be tempered with care and consideration for non-admin folk involved -- because they can NOT directly respond to comments made here. (not to mention the impropriety of such a thing).

Please refrain from posting mean-spirited or aggravational statements in this forum.

You do not have to quell negative opinions, but there are constructive and destructive ways of expressing them. Destructive ways will be edited or deleted due to the non-interactive public nature of this forum.

If you wish to publically vilify somebody, you must do it in an arena where that person can respond and you can be held accountable for your opinions. In other words: not here.

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