Knipex Cobolt disappointment
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Posted on Tue Aug 15, 2017 12:46 am
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If it's the same .040" stainless steel wire that TRL was selling like 8 years ago, I have experienced similar disappointment cutting this material off with knipex cobolts when many other sizes (.035, .045, .048, .062/3, .080) gave me no problems. (.032 and smaller sizes I'd shear cut). The .040" was listed as 308 alloy when almost all the other sizes TRL sold around the same time were that of 304, or 316 (the latter only in .020", IIRC). I'm not necessarily suggesting that the alloy caused this, since I've worked with 308 stainless in .035" in the past and those rings snapped off the coil end like a dream. I hardly used much of the .040" because of this and have probably about 28 of the 30 pounds left that I ordered but I digress.

Any attempt I've ever made to score and break went poorly, even with the harder, springier stainlesses . Either the dents were too shallow and upon attempting to twist the ring off, coil mangulation occurred. If I tried to make even slightly deeper dents the cobolts would break through the metal and snap the ring off like nothing.

My rings aren't that great but they're not bad either. Apart from those made in .040, I would get closures that were a cross between ><, and the shear cut //, although closer to the former. The ones I made out of .040 were only a bit less bad than yours pictured above thus causing me to favour .035 or .045/8.

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Posted on Sun Jan 21, 2018 3:26 pm
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Hi people,

So, after training the score-and-break method, I managed to get a result like this:

Not as perfect as it could be wished, but tolerable, I think Smile

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Posted on Mon Jan 22, 2018 5:48 am
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Chainmailbasket_com, I call those cuts "Z cuts," because the fracture zone slants between the two notches put in by the cutter jaws, like '/, in appearance. I note this in hard wire.

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