Stainless Steel Multishackle Presale
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Stainless Steel Multishackle Presale
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Posted on Fri Apr 29, 2016 4:52 pm
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i'm having a stainless steel multishackle clasp made by a manufacturer right now and i'm looking for funding to recoup costs. the order is already paid for and in. you can choose to reserve 1-100 of these multishackles. the cost of one multilshackle is $8 right now through this presale reservation. the cost for a multishackle after this promoiton will be $12. shipping is also free if you reverve the multishackle/s. shipping will not be free after this promotion. production will take 4 months, so keep in mind that you won't be getting yours for a while. but, they are being made regardless of funding. there are some risks involved in reserving your own multishackle. 1) the manufacturer could mess up the design. if this happens, i will negotiate with them to have the multishackles remade. if i have to renegotiate with them, production will take longer. 2) negotiations could fail. if this happens, all money received for reservations will be returned via paypal.
the overall measurements of the multishackle are 40mm x 16mm. the pin will be a standard 5/32" and captive. the multishackle will make it easier for clasping larger stainless steel projects like bracers, shirts, vests, etc. instead of having to clasp 1 shackle at a time, the multishackle allows you to clasp 3 sections all at once. since the pin is captive, you or your customers won't loose it. the overall height of the shackle has also been adjusted to work best as a chainmaille clasp, instead of marine use. no more huge waisted space within the "d" section.
if you are interested, please visit my website here:

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