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Archimedes Tutorial
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Posted on Sun Nov 24, 2013 9:03 am
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Okay, while I was waiting for a Certain Show to... arrive, I made a tutorial for Archimedes.
Hopefully this will make it easier for people (including Nárrína) to make this weave.

The rings used in this were all WD=1.6mm, mandrel ID=6.35mm (1/4'') and AR of 3.97; black anodized aluminium, brass, and copper. On the large side for this weave, but I wanted big rings so the images would be clearer.

1. Make a 2-in-1 chain. The example here is in black AA.

2. Add a "shaggy loop" link. That's the brass link.

3. Turn the chain a quarter turn away from you and add another shaggy loop link. Again, brass.

4. Another quarter-turn, another link.

5. And another one... you get the picture?

6. And keep on adding them all along the chain.

7. Now we get to the tricky bit: adding the locking rings.
These are copper in the example.
What you want to do is put the link through a shaggy-loop link (brass), through the chain-link (black) which is behind it, through the next chain-link along (black) and out through the shaggy-loop link (brass) which is in front of that link.

See where the copper link is going:

And here's a version where the copper link is highlighted in blue:

And here's the copper link when it's closed:

8. Now, add the next locking link. Start at the link the previous copper link finished at, go brass -> black, next black down -> brass.

9. Keep adding locking rings until you reach the end.
As you can see, the copper links don't interlock with each other, they just sit next to each other.

And you're done.

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Posted on Mon Nov 25, 2013 2:30 am
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Interesting one Smile

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