FS: EPDM 16g 1/4" Black
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FS: EPDM 16g 1/4" Black
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Posted on Sun Sep 01, 2013 3:49 am
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I'm going to be doing a bulk buy of black 16g 1/4" EPDM and I was wondering if anyone wanted in on it.

Prices would be $0.01 each (plus reasonable shipping, FC or Priority) which is a little better than TRL base price and no crazy TRL shipping cost.

If I get enough people wanting them I can get $0.009 each for quantities of 50,000 or more. 10,000 is the minimum order which is what I'll be getting anyway if no one else wants any.

I'm looking for people that at least want to get 2000 ($20) of rings each, any quantity over that is just worth it to save money. I would consider those wanting 1000 ($10) each, but that's only if I get quite a few at the $10 mark.

Probably US only, because shipping anywhere else ruins the savings for you.

Please PM me and let me know if you would be interested. I'd like to order within the next week if possible. I receive the rings, you pay me (PayPal or MO preferred) and get them shipped to you by your preferred USPS method actual shipping cost based on weight if FC and flat rate if Priority.


Edit: I just found out I can get Buna-N rings for about half the cost of EPDM, so if you were interested in those please let me know. They have about the same properties as the EPDM rings.

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