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Chainmail dune buggy.

[click image for larger version, also links to closeups at bottom of post]

This magnum offering of Canadian engineering at is best is made up of several components which are listed in roughly the order in which they were produced:

Turkish Round
.080" (14 SWG / 2.03mm) bronze wire, 15/64" (5.95mm) mandrel. Measured ID: .255" (AR of 3.2).

Axle rods:
Captive Inverted Round Sheet, (C1) version construct, instead of being a flat sheet, subsequent CIR chains come off the central one in three opposing directions
.063" (~16 SWG / 1.6mm) stainless wire, 35/128" (6.95mm), and 7/32" (5.56mm) mandrels. Measured ID's: .300" (AR of 4.8), and .240" (AR of 3.8).

The smaller rings were used for connectors, which keeps things nice and tight. I would suggest that for the (C1) version, this is very likely the minimum AR combination for this weave, provided the same wire size is used for each ring type.

Staggered Captive Inverted Round Sheets made into Six-Sided Columns, five units long each. Back wheels are (C3), front are (C2).
back: .063" stainless wire, 25/64" mandrel. Measured ID: .436" (AR of 6.9).
front: .063" stainless wire, 23/64" mandrel. Measured ID: .396" (AR of 6.3).

The wheels slide over the axles with ease and plenty of room to allow full movement. Each wheel is easily removable with the removal of three cotter rings(!) This is one of the best features of the dune buggy, in my opinion. Not that wheel removal is necessary, it just adds to the dynamic of the piece. (A few pictures linked to below show the wheels off.) Each wheel type uses an AR that is .2 larger than the minimum for the number of captives per cell for the base weave. both ends of each wheel are closed off with three smaller rings so the outside cage rings on the ends don't flop around. The wheels are not perfectly round, and since they are six-sided, they make for a slightly bumpy ride. The tires help compensate for this.

Front tires:
.068" (1.73mm) 1/4" (6.35mm) black EPDM, .062" (~16 SWG / 1.57mm) black anodized aluminum, 3/16" (slightly larger ID, due to botched batch).

Back tires:
Japanese 8 in 2
.068" black EPDM, .062" black anodized aluminum 1/4".

The tires are important, as without them, the wheels wouldn't spin (on smooth surfaces). Rubber (EPDM) rings are used to accomodate this, just as rubber is used in real tires for friction purposes. Yay physics! They are also removable, as they were made to stretch over the wheels. Different weaves were availed for the front and back tires to offer two differing tread patterns.

A combination of Captive Inverted Round's Sheet, and Staggered Sheet progressions, plus a quasi cube version of both, where the second layer was added for structural reasons. All (C1) version.
Mostly .062" stainless and brass wire, 5/16" (7.94mm) mandrel. Measured ID's of .339" (AR of 5.5) and .351" (AR of 5.7).

Slight graduation occurs between the outer edges of the middle and where the frame connects to the front & back axle rods.

Roll Cage:
Captive Inverted Round (C1)
.062" stainless wire, 35/128" mandrel. Measured ID: .299" (AR of 4.8).
This is .1 above the minimum for this weave. This was done for a few reasons. Looking back at some 4.7 CIR I've made in the past, the tension really wants to cause some of the cage rings to gap at the closures. Also, since I knew I'd need to use weird angles and connect pieces together in various ways, I wanted a little bit of give. Some pieces are curved very slightly.

CIR (C2) (top)
.062" bronze & brass wire, 5/16" mandrel. Measured ID's: .341" (AR of 5.5) and .351" (AR of 5.7).

CIR (C1) (front grille)
.045" (1.14mm) stainless steel wire, mandrel size 25/128" (4.96mm). Measured ID: .219" (AR of 4.9).

Front panel:
European 8 in 2
.048" (18 SWG / 1.22mm) bronze, 27/128" (5.36mm) mandrel. Measured ID: .232, (AR of 4.8.

Japanese 8 in 2 Cube
.062" wire, mandrels sized 7/32" for nickel silver, and 29/128" (5.75mm) for copper, the difference of which is to compensate for springback. Resulting measured IDs are in the .241 - .242" range yielding an effective (AR of 3.9).

Steering Wheel:
Captive 2 in 1 Chain
.048" bronze and stainless wire, 17/128" (3.37mm), and 3/16" (4.76mm) mandrels. Measured IDs: .146" (AR of 3.0) and .207" (AR of 4.3).

Three chains of Byzantine to connect the wheel to the steering column
.035" bronze wire, 2.5mm (0.98") mandrel. ID: .112" (AR of 3.2).

Steering column:
Inverted Round
.048" stainless steel wire, 19/128" mandrel. Measured ID: .170" (AR of 3.5).

Inverted Round for the stick
.025" (22 AWG / 0.635mm) bronze wire, .080" mandrel. Measured ID: .087" (AR of 3.5).

12-ring mobius ball© for the handle
.032" brass wire, 5/32" mandrel. Measured ID: .178" (AR of 5.6).

Japanese 8 in 2 Cube for the base
.032" brass wire, 7/64" (2.78mm) mandrel. Measured ID: .125" (AR of 3.9).

Floor panels:
Captive Zen Sheet Full
.048" bronze and stainless wire, mandrels 5/32" (3.97mm), 7/32" and 1/4". Measured IDs: .174" (AR of 3.6), .243" (AR of 5.1), and .277" (AR of 5.8).

Japanese Dragonscale
.062" brass and bronze, mandrels 3/16" and 3/8" (9.525mm). Measured IDs: .208" (AR of 3.4) and .415" (AR of 6.7).

To be added later

Start: 2012-05-27
Finish: 2012-08-12
Ring count: 9957
Ring types: 60
Dimensions: 15" x 9.5" x 9" (38cm x 24cm x 23cm)
Weight: 8lb (3.6kg)

More pictures:
(direct links currently broken - go to Chainmailbasket.com , click on Gallery. It's near the top of the list with links to these closeups)
Back view
Front view
Front end
Floor panel (before seat was installed)
Rear axle
Wheels off
Tires off

There is no such thing as weave ownership. If someone produces a weave sample, they own that physical piece of mail, but not rights to the weave pattern itself.
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Posted on Tue Aug 14, 2012 1:10 am
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You're one of THE most methodical and organized people I can think of. The perfect cleanliness of the lines in all your pieces and the organized layout of stats and information, all coupled with the beauty of your work makes my brain very happy.

I look forward to meeting you some day.

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Posted on Tue Aug 14, 2012 2:32 am
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-self portrait in e4-

all woven from a single european 4-1 ribbon connected to itself.

rings were chosen from whatever springs were laying around.

the idea behind this piece was to intentionally work against the misnomer that a loose e4 was not a "sculpture weave" or that you needed specific ring sizes to make sculpture.

there are no arbitrary limitations.

PSA: remember to stretch.
3.o is fixing everything.

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