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Submission Guidelines - Gallery Images
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Posted on Thu Apr 01, 2010 10:54 pm
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How long will it take for my submission to be approved?
This is one of the more common questions asked by new submitters.
M.A.I.L. is a volunteer organization, however, we do try to get your images out for all to see as soon as possible. Please allow a week, and check your PMs (Private Messages) - we may be asking you for more information. If you haven't heard anything, send a PM to an admin.
You can help make it faster by adhering to the following guidelines:

Pictures must be 100kb or smaller, and at most 800px on the widest side
However, if your image looks like a postage stamp onscreen, it's too small! Try to have the image as large and clear as possible, staying under 100kb.

If you submit multiple images of your submission, they MUST have different file names. If they have the same file name, there WILL be problems.

If the image is of poor quality, you will be contacted by a gallery admin for a better picture. Failure to respond within a reasonable amount of time (at least 2 weeks) will result in your submission being denied. Of course you may always resubmit with a clear picture at any time.

For images that you want to reduce see this spiffy article by Kyelek.
Resizing Gallery Images with The GIMP

Please include details
At the VERY LEAST, tell us:
- what the item is
- the weaves you used
- the materials you used
Also appreciated:
- ID (inner diameter) of rings
- diameter of wire used (An actual measurement is preferred, but if you use "gauge", please specify what gauge system, ie. awg or swg.)
- any special things you can think of - beads, coins, clasps etc.

Sometimes it's hard to tell what exactly something is made of, so posting these details really helps people figure out what you did so they can learn from it, and if they absolutely adore it, figure out how to make a version of it.

A gallery admin will send you a PM to obtain details if you haven't included at least the minimum. This will give you the opportunity to provide a useful description along with your picture. For this reason, check your PM's if your picture has not been approved.

Please make your best effort to follow basic spelling, punctuation, capitalization, and grammar in your submission title and description. We don't mind editing honest mistakes, but you have to at least try. You are adding something of value to the Gallery, not text-messaging, blogging, or chatting with friends. I'll refer you to the "Language Skills" section of the excellent article How To Talk To People On A Discussion Forum for guidance in this area. Please do not BBCode weave names in your descriptions. Weaves used will be tagged by an admin when your submission is accepted and will appear under "Weaves Used" and "Image Tags".

Leave out the advertising
We do not allow advertising in the picture, the title, or the description of a Gallery Submission. If your submission contains advertising, it will be removed prior to approval into the gallery. Determining whether your submission contains advertising is at the discretion of the admins. Also note that offsite links within Gallery descriptions are not allowed.

Keep it maille-related
Pictures must be of maille or maille-related (such as tools used to make maille). Cute animals are fine, as long as they're wearing maille.

Keep it clean
This is a site intended for all ages, including minors. Anything containing inappropriate or gratuitous nudity, (i.e., a see-through bikini in which nipples are visible), or which violates the content policies will not be accepted.

You can edit your previous posts
If you've discovered you've made a typo, or want to change the title, description, picture, or anything about your gallery submission, you can do this from My M.A.I.L. (under User Panel in the top menu). Below each picture submitted will be an Edit link, which allows you to submit an edit request, or even delete a submission. Just be careful and make sure you have a backup of the picture saved before you delete!


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