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member supplied merchandise
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Posted on Tue Mar 23, 2010 4:41 pm
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how do people feel about this?

personally, i don't want individual people making a profit off of MAIL. i'm okay with paying for materials, but i think time should be donated.

now, cafepress -does- make a profit, but we were the ones to seek them out. i don't want to start a trend of people making official MAIL products for profit.

i'm not saying other opinions aren't valid, but this is mine.


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Posted on Tue Mar 23, 2010 6:56 pm
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I myself like the idea of a patch, but i also agree that there should have been some more discussion about this with the BoD. but even so i don't think this idea should be dismissed, it does have potential.

Now as for a member making a profit off from M.A.I.L., i do not really see a problem with it as long as mail is getting a cut of the profit. If she can offer us a quality product at comparable pricing, to other company's why should she not beable to make a little money off this as well, because she is doing all the work and leg work handling orders, shipping and so on.

Now i am just going to pull some numbers out of my ass here for an example of my point. Lets say She's selling the patches at 6$ a piece, now 2$ of that cost is material, 2$ each gets donated to the mail coffer, and the remaining 2$ goes into her pocket. now Lets say we get a quote from company-X for the same product and they give us a quote 4.95$ a piece but we have to buy a minimum of 100 pieces. then we have to pay to have them shipped to someone who will then have to handle orders from the members, and take care of shipping. after all is said and done we did get the patches cheaper though company X but for each patch sold at 6$ only a few cents went back into the mail coffer.

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Posted on Tue Mar 30, 2010 10:43 pm
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I am in completely agree with you on this Chao, if you donate your time , and the supplies are donated, that is one thing, but people making a profit off of M.A.I.L. while M.A.I.L survives of donations seems wrong to me just MHO

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