FOR SALE: Custom laser engraved tags for your chainmail
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FOR SALE: Custom laser engraved tags for your chainmail
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Posted on Sun Jul 27, 2014 11:48 pm
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Cross posted from the TRL forum - I'll look into to answer questions here too:

One of the easiest ways to get your name out there is by labeling your jewlery with jewelry quality branding tags.

TRL is working on a webpage to take your orders for custom tags but in the meantime you can order by email. We use a state of the art Fiber laser to engrave on any metal. Marking on anodized aluminum is pure white, marking on stainless is light, gold, or dark. we can "engrave in color" on a white background by removing the background and leaving the colored anodized (shown in the first pic below). In the near future we'll offer black marking on all metals at a small additional cost.

Price list for anodized products mix and match colors OK - in some cases stainless is also available.
16G 3/8" square wire anodized ring with text engraved $32/100 $0.27each for additional
0.35" round $27/100 $0.22each for additional
0.50" round $32/100 $0.27each for additional
0.69" round $35/100 $0.30each for additional
1" round $40/100 $0.35 each for additional - stainless available
1" square $41/100 $0.36 each for additional
1" guitar pick $45/100 $0.40 each for additional
1.5" round $50/100 $0.45 each for additional
dogtags $50/100 $0.45 each for additional
Small scales $35/100 $0.30each for additional
large scales $40/100 $0.35 each for additional - stainless available
Shield Scales $50/100 $0.45 each for additional
business cards $50/50 $0.80 each for additional - stainless available

2 sided engraving available - add the "each additional" price for the second side for example for a 0.35" round its $49/100 for double sided plus $0.44 each for additional
Custom graphics and fonts are welcome - clear jpg, gif, png files prefered.

to order email Jon with your design - jd at If you are a new customer include your address, returning TRL customers use your email address associated with your TRL account and I'll find you.

above - black anodized tags 0.5", 0.69" and 1"; black designs made by engraving the backgound away with the laser

above - 0.35" tags regular and inverse engraving

above - custom stainless business card in Gold engraving

above - dark engraving on stainless dogtag

above - 2 sided biz cards made on shield scales

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