FOR SALE: 19 ounces Saw-cut Stainless 16swg 11/64
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FOR SALE: 19 ounces Saw-cut Stainless 16swg 11/64
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Posted on Tue Jul 23, 2013 7:22 pm
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I have a batch of saw-cut stainless steel rings for sale, as follows:

19 ounces
Saw-cut Stainless steel
TRL "304" grade stainless steel
Temper is fairly soft as stainless goes, finishsed rings 1/4 hard IMO
Kerf is unknown, either 0.012" or 0.020" (entire batch is the same however)
16 swg (0.063 inch) wire diameter
11/64" mandrel
Power coiled (left-handed)
tumble polished
burrs are minimal for stainless steel

This is a high quality batch of rings that I have been using for my own work. I have sold Jens Pind necklaces and bracelets made from this specific batch of rings.

The reason I am selling this batch of rings is simply because it is TRL wire from over a year ago, and it does not exactly match the 308 stainless welding wire that I am using today.

These rings will make a tight Jens Pind, which will be flexible enough for a bracelet or necklace, but slight stiffness in places. It is too small (aspect ratio) for Euro 4-in-1. It would be ideal for someone who has a large Japanese project in the works. It would also be good for fringe or just general use jump rings for connecting stuff together.

Asking $60 USD for the entire batch (includes domestic US shipping 48 states). I will ship it elsewhere, but the price difference on shipping would need to be added. Think of this price as $3.16 per ounce with shipping included (well below any saw cut tumbled stainless you can buy elsewhere.

I am looking to sell the entire batch at once, not a few ounces here and there.

Paypal is my preferred payment method.

Contact me via MAIL forum messaging. Thank you.

Public Service Announcement: Please refrain from making frivolous offers, it is time consuming to respond to people who are unrealistic on prices and terms.

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