So what is it?
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Posted on Fri Jan 14, 2011 4:29 am
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the only thing I am going to say on this is
I do understand what Lorraine is saying about E4 relation , but the "flat section is clearly a defined weave, Vipera 4-1(a derivative of E4), where this "design" differs greatly from Chrysanthenum and Acanthus is that the curl is not actually a lateral(contraction) connection (as acanthus and chrysanthenum), the vipera siderails attach directly to a ring that actually contracts the center row of the E4 strip, forcing it in to the 3rd dimension, this is really something, as previously stated ,that many people will disagree, wether or not t constitutes a new weave Derailed mind works in a really neat way in terms of Maille, and I am for one, really glad he has showed us so many of his fantastic creatures.

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