Maille useable welding wire alloys
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Posted on Wed Dec 03, 2008 9:51 pm
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Thadius has written an article on Stainless Steel Alloys

This article (and others) can be found in the Supplies section of M.A.I.L.

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Posted on Thu Dec 04, 2008 11:38 pm
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Please be a bit patient with updates.

My trustworthy (until last weekend) PC had a multiple hardware malfunction (like a chain reaction one defective part killed several others on its way to graveyard), so I cannot access it and its stored data, settings, and programs at the moment - but I will get it; the disks are ok. Fortunately I was already prepared for a hardware upgrade, and had already built a replacement PC [Dual core @ 4GHz] some weeks ago, and just did not yet take the time to install it as replacement of the old one (but fortunately I had already moved my archive of the last 26 years). And I have to become accustomed with Vista64, as that f[beep..]ing OS doesn't like to let me do things in the ways, I am used to... But at the moment I first have to get back my FTP settings and local m.a.i.l. database to upload again changes and add-ons.

And: I would like to read a proposal here, how we could manage the collection of data, and make the representation of maybe differing experiences and likes of different maillers. I would like to incorporate ONLY real collected experiences, and NO hearsay, manufacturer's manuals, etc just for completion. And I repeat my question, whether this should remain a WELDING wire database or become a common mailling wire database.

A Wiki approach (as suggested by Kodiak) would surely be fine, but I have no experience with that, yet and would need a bit help (a small push here and there into the right direction might suffice, but I don't know at this moment)...


Edit: I just regained the connect to my Website FTP and M.A.I.L. archive Smile - I will soon update...

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