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Latasti Tutorial
Article © MAIL User: Nárrína

Since so many people asked me to write up a tutorial for Latasti I finally stopped putting it off.

Latasti is yet another weave derived from the experimental I-wonder-what-happens-when-I-do-this method that often occurs after messing up another weave. It requires three different ring sizes.

(Apologies for any slightly blurry pictures!)

Image: piles_of_rings.jpg

For making this weave in 20awg (0.813mm) I used:

2.25mm ID rings
3.25mm ID rings
4mm ID rings

Image: step_one.jpg

Step 1: make a three link chain of the 2.25mm ID rings and attach a 4mm ID ring through the 1st and 3rd ring.

Image: step_two.jpg

Step 2: add a 4th 2.25mm ID ring and then attach one of the 4mm ID rings to the 2nd 2.25mm ID ring and into the 2.25mm ring you just added.

Image: step_three.jpg

Step 3: just as in step two, add another 2.25mm ID ring and attach a 4mm ID ring through it and the 3rd 2.25mm ID ring. Make certain that this 4mm ID ring lies underneath the 1st 4mm ID ring.

Image: step_four.jpg

Step 4: add another 2.25mm ID ring and 4mm ID ring just as in steps 2 and 3. This 4mm ID ring should lay on top of the 2nd 4mm ID ring.

Step 5: Continue adding rings in this fashion until it's long enough to fit in your hand and not get lost.

Image: next_step.jpg

Step 6: repeat steps 1-5 until you have two chains of equal length. Turn/flip one of these chains so that it is the mirror of the other one.

Image: step_seven.jpg

Step 7: take one of the 3.25mm ID rings and attach through the first two 4mm ID rings on both chains.

Image: step_eight.jpg

Step 8: take another 3.25mm ID ring and attach it through the 2nd and 3rd 4mm ID rings on both chains.

Image: step_nine.jpg

Step 9: continue attaching 3.25mm ID rings into the 4mm ID rings in the same manner as steps 7-8 until both chains are completely joined and you have a small segment of Latasti. (Ed. Note - The patch is turned 180° from the previous picture. This does not impact the construction process.)

Image: step_ten.jpgImage: step_eleven.jpg

Step 10/11: to extend the Latasti segment add 2.25mm ID and 4mm ID rings to both of the now attached chains just as you would in steps 1-5 and attach 3.25mm ID rings to the last two 4mm ID rings of both of these chains just as you did in steps 7-8.

Image: step_twelve.jpg

Step 12: keep repeating steps 10-11 until the Latasti chain is long enough. Every now and then you may have to tussle with the chains to get the 2.25mm ID rings to lie on top or underneath the 4mm ID rings so that the chains lie right and you can attach the the rings correctly.

Image: latasti_bracelet.jpg

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