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5-Pointed Overlapping Scale Flowers
Article © MAIL User:

Based on lorenzo's original scale flowers, these have overlapping petals. They can easily be made without overlapping each petal and can be made with more or fewer petals by changing ring sizes.

I am using small scales and BA rings, 1.6mm 10mm ID (AR of 6.25) for the large rings & 6.7mm (AR of 4.18) for the smaller rings. Ring sizes can vary slightly depending on how stiff you want your flower.

Start with 1 closed large ring, 1 closed small ring, 5 open large rings and 5 small scales.

Image: flower1.jpg

Put a large ring through a closed small ring, a scale and a closed large ring. Make sure the concave (cupped) side of the scale is pointing toward the small ring; the convex (domed) side should point toward the large ring.

Image: flower2.jpg

Like this.

Image: flower3.jpg

Do the same again. Put a large ring through the closed small rig in front another small scale (but not the first one you used) and the closed large ring behind.

Image: flower4.jpg

Repeat the last step.

Image: flower5.jpg

Repeat twice more.

Image: flower6.jpg

This is the back before closing the last large ring. This is the tricky bit if you want all the petals to overlap, it takes some tweaking. If you're not bothered about the petals all overlapping evenly, it's easy. The arrows show how these all overlap.

Image: flower7.jpg

This is the front, again showing the petals overlapping each other evenly.

Image: flower8.jpg
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