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European 10 in 1
Article © MAIL User: Chainmailbasket_com

This article demonstrates how to construct the European 10 in 1 weave. If you already know the European 4 in 1 and European 6 in 1 and/or European 8 in 1 weaves, then you already know this weave and probably don't need this tutorial. 10 in 1 is very dense weave which can be used for chainmail sculpture and basketry, among other things.

The rings used in this demonstration are those of .048" (18 SWG / 1.22mm) 5/16" (7.94mm) stainless steel wire (alloy 304, 1/4 hard). These rings have an AR of 7.4, based on measured data.

1. Add 10 closed rings to one open ring, then close.
Image: euro10in1_01.jpg

2. Add one open ring to eight of the rings in the previous step and add two closed rings, then close.
Image: euro10in1_02.jpg

3. Repeat step two for the next connection.
Image: euro10in1_03.jpg

4. Once you have woven five open rings and 18 closed rings, the weave starts to take its shape.
Image: euro10in1_05.jpg

5. Place one open ring through five adjacent rings in the previous row.
Image: euro10in1_06.jpg

6. Add five closed rings to the open ring, then close.
Image: euro10in1_07.jpg

7. Add one open ring to five rings in the previous row and add one closed ring, then close.
Image: euro10in1_08.jpg

8. Repeat step seven for the next connection.
Image: euro10in1_09.jpg

9. Add a few more open and closed rings and you have a small piece of European 10 in 1 weave.
Image: euro10in1_10.jpg

I like to hold the weave up like this when I construct it to make it easier:
Image: euro10in1_04.jpg

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