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Candle Holder; Hanging
Article © MAIL User: Dragorlad


O.K. this article is written assuming you have the basic knowledge of maille, precut rings on hand, and know a couple of basic weaves. If you do run into problems, look at the glossary for terminology and the gallery for pictures of finished candle holders.

Starting Out

First of all, you need to know the European 4 in 1 Expansion (standard 4-1 circular expansion), and a couple of chain weaves such as Byzantine, Double Spiral (Spiral 8 in 2), etc. If you don't understand that last sentence, you're looking for a tutorial, you're in the wrong section.

The Goods

This is where we actually start.

1. Make one or two (depending on if you want a cap or not), round expansions. You have to take these to the point where you are making a 'rim' or 'skirt'. This will help hold the candle which you will eventually put in the holder. At this point you can elect to make only one with a skirt or one longer than the other.

2. Start making equal length chains. These will be used to hold up your candle holder base. Again, these will either connect to a cap if you've made one, or connect into an apex if you have not. You need at least three of these to make a stable platform.

3. This is the long boring part, you have to make a strong chain that is least two feet long. Why two feet do you ask? This is for safety. We *are* working with metal after all, and if exposed to flame, it will get hot. At around 1 - 1 1/2 feet from the flame, it will be cool to the touch.

4. Making connections! You will need to connect the hanging chains either to the cap (if you have one), or together if not.

If you have a cap, you will need to go to the top, larger ring (center), and connect two rings opposite to each other, Connect your hanging chain to the two rings you just attached and you're done!

If you don't have a cap, you just connect the chains to the base and connect them to the hanging chain, and you're finished!

This is just a template idea, all true discoveries come from experimentations.

-Andy Heller
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