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This is a tutorial for Iakona by Corvus.

Corvus has used 2 different wire gauges (0.8 mm and 1.0 mm) and all in all 6 different ring sizes.
For this tutorial you'll need only 1 wire gauge and 5 ring sizes:

Ring Size AR Ring count

For the first 9 steps you'll need the ring sizes A, B and C.

Step 01:
Start with a 2-2-1-2-2-chain (A-C-B-C-A) as shown in the picture.
Image: AS_Iakona_01.jpg

Step 02:
(a) Fold down the A-rings on one end - to each side one ring.
(b) Push the A-rings to the outside, but be aware that one C-Ring has to be on the upper side and the other one on the lower.
Image: AS_Iakona_02.jpg

Step 03:
(a) Position 1 closed B-ring between the 2 A-rings.
(b) Now put 2 C-rings through the eye (which is built by the A- and B-rings) and close them.
Image: AS_Iakona_03.jpg

Step 04:
(a) Add 2 C- and 2 A-rings to the weave as shown in the left picture.
(b) Repeat steps 2 and 3 so that your weave looks like the right picture.
Image: AS_Iakona_04.jpg

Step 05:
(a) Repeat step 4(a).
(b) Repeat step 2 on both ends of your weave.
Image: AS_Iakona_05.jpg

Step 06:
At each end add a C-ring to the ringpair at the outside of the weave.
Image: AS_Iakona_06.jpg

Step 07:
Here comes the difficult part: You have to connect the 2 ends of your chain.
You need a B-ring. This B-ring will form an eye on both sides with the corresponding A-rings.
Each of the C-rings which you've added in step 6 will go through one eye.
(a) Pull the B-ring through one C-ring (red dot). This B-ring is not going through the A-rings, but lying in between them.
(b) Now pull the B-Ring also through the C-ring (red dot) of the other end.
Image: AS_Iakona_07.jpg

Step 08:
Close the B-Ring and add 2 C-rings to the eyes.
Image: AS_Iakona_08.jpg

Step 09:
On the 4 corners you have a pair of A-rings.
Repeat step 3 on every corner. Your weave should look like the workpiece in the picture.
Image: AS_Iakona_09.jpg

Step 10:
From now on you'll need the D- and E-rings.
(a) Pull a D-ring through the B-rings (red dot) in the corners and close it.
(b) Now pull a D-ring through the D-ring from step 10(a) and through the neighbouring C-rings (all 3 are marked with a red dot). Add a closed E-ring (green dot) and close the D-ring. Double the D-ring.
(c) Pull a D-ring through the marked (red dot) C- and D-rings. Close it and double it.
(d) Now you have finished one side of the workpiece.
Image: AS_Iakona_10.jpg

Step 11:
Repeat step 10 on the remaining 3 sides and then you are completly finished.
In the picture below you can see 2 Iakona pendants. In the brass-version I used a WD of 1.6 mm and in the bronze-version a WD of 1 mm.
The scale is in cm.
Image: AS_Iakona_11.jpg

Happy weaving! :-)
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