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Half Persian 2 in 1 Spine Tutorial
Article © MAIL User: Chainmailbasket_com

Half Persian 2 in 1 Spine takes Half Persian 2 in 1 (HP2-1) and adds two rows of through the eye (TE) connections, one on each side of the chain to stabilize it. The HP2-1 in question is not to be confused with the weave that has Half Persian 2 in 1 as its name, but rather the one depicted in the sample image for 2 in 1 Chain. This chain can be very frustrating to start because nothing stays in place.

Note: All ARs listed in this article are based on measured inner diameter and measured wire diameter.

Minimum AR: AR of 3.8
Recommended AR range: AR of 4.2 - AR of 4.6

HP2-1 Spine is AR sensitive and gets loose very quickly above the mid 4's, however, if the AR is too low the chain has the tendency to develop a weave lock feature. It doesn't stay fully locked and rings can "click" in and out of positions starting around AR of 4.2 where whole thing can be manually placed into a spiral. At the minimum AR, the chain is forced into a spiral, but still has considerable flexibility. If you are expanding the weave into a sheet or tube, ensure your AR is high enough (refer to table at end of article). If not, experiment with different ring sizes for the outside edges of HP2-1 Spine.

Rings used in tutorial:
.080" (2.0mm) aluminum (5356)
5/16" (7.94mm) mandrel
.341" (8.66mm) ID
AR of 4.3

Step 1:
Construct a 2 in 1 Chain.

Image: spine01.jpg

Notice how you can make a Persian arrangement of the rings. This HP2-1 is only a theoretical weave.

Image: spine02.jpg

Step 2:
Add 2 rings, each using TE connections with one on each side of the chain. These rings are added the same way that rings are added to European 4 in 1 when expanding by row. The red dots in the first image below illustrate where these rings connect.

Image: spine03.jpg
Image: spine04.jpg

Step 3:
Close both rings. The red dots in the image show which rings the next added will pass through.

Image: spine05.jpg

Step 4:
Twist the 2-1 Chain section at the top into position and make the through the eye connection. The red dot and red arrow show where the next added ring goes.

Image: spine07.jpg

Step 5:
Add the next ring to the bottom of the chain and close both rings.

Image: spine08.jpg
Image: spine09.jpg

Step 6:
Another repeat picture with red dots to show where the next rings are added:

Image: spine10.jpg
Image: spine11.jpg
Image: spine12.jpg

Step 7:
By now you should have an idea where the next ring goes:

Image: spine13.jpg

Step 8:
Optionally, you can assemble the chain by adding all the rings along one half:

Image: spine14.jpg

Step 9:
Flip the chain over:

Image: spine15.jpg

Step 10:
Align the AE connections properly since they are still in an unstable state:

Image: spine16.jpg

Step 11:
The next ring is added:

Image: spine17.jpg

Step 12:
Complete the row of TE connections:

Image: spine18.jpg

Step 13:
Add a single ring to the top right:

Image: spine19.jpg

Lengthening the chain:

Step 14:
Flip the chain over so it's right side up again.

Image: spine20.jpg

Step 15:
Add a TE ring to the end:

Image: spine21.jpg
Image: spine22.jpg

Step 16:
Add an AE ring to the end:

Image: spine23.jpg

Step 17:
Add a single ring under the previously added ring:

Image: spine24.jpg

Step 18:
Close that ring and add a TE ring and a single one above it.

Repeat these last few steps until the chain is the length you want.

When picked up by one end, HP2-1 Spine will naturally spiral.

This chain can be expanded or transformed into:
WeaveRecommended AR rangeAssembly
Persian 4 in 1 Sheet/Half Persian 2 in 1 Sheet 4AR of 5.2 - AR of 5.7Half Persian 2 Sheet 4 in 1 Tutorial
Tri-Forcerecommended AR of 4.4 - AR of 4.6HP2S4-1 Tutorial to Step #4, then apply 1 less connection per ring than demonstrated in How to Join Half Persian 3-1 Sheet 5 to Make Square/Trianglemaille article.
Power Tower/Half Persian 2 in 1 Sheet 4 Boxrecommended AR of 4.2 - AR of 4.4HP2S4-1 Tutorial to Step #13, then apply 1 less connection per ring than demonstrated in How to Join Half Persian 3-1 Sheet 5 to Make Square/Trianglemaille article.
Ulu 4 in 1 Chaincirca AR of 5.4Transform HP2-1 Spine by opening each ring on one edge and adding an AE connection to the corresponding rings in the opposite edge row.
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